Plastic bag weaving

Plastic bags, no matter how hard you try to take ones you already have shopping with you, they still keep multiplying! We had a huge pile residing in a laundry basket, a laundry basket we could have been using for moving laundry around in. I finally got fed up of all the plastic bags and decided to do something crafty. I didn’t really want to throw them all away if there’s something better that can be used for rather than sitting on a landfill.

After scouting the internet and several other blogs I stumbled across plastic bag weaving, which it turns out is a lot of fun to do and very easy. Here’s a couple of the mats that I made, apparently you can keep weaving and make baskets (if you have the patience or time!).

These ones turned out really well. It helps if you have some very colourful plastic bags to hand.

plastic bag mat

plastic bag mat

plastic bag mat

There’s already a lot of blog posts out there about weaving with plastic bags, so I haven’t posted instructions here. The instructions I used (which are fantastic and really easy to follow) can be found here;

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